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4 Simple Ways of Strengthening Your Doors For Better Safety

While you might not realize it, your exterior doors play a critical role in keeping away intruders and ensuring the safety of your family and material valuables.
Since your doors essentially serve as the first point of contact for entry to your home, you must make sure that they are strong enough to repel any intruder attacks and do not give way at the very first blow.
Here are a few ways in which you can effectively reinforce your doors and enhance the safety and security of your home.

Select the right material for your door

It is absolutely essential to ensure that you install a good quality solid core door on all the exterior entry points to ensure that they stay burglar proof even after repeated attempts or blows to break them down.
Solid wood or reinforced steel doors are a great option for homeowners who wish to strengthen their home security.
While hollow doors are undoubtedly cheaper than solid ones, the former are also easy to crack or cave under high impact.

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Replace your old locks


A high-quality entry door is no good unless it has been secured with a powerful lock such as a deadbolt.
And while you might be tempted into buying cheaper versions that are available at a fraction of the price, it is not really a good idea to compromise on the quality of that one security mechanism that serves the purpose of guarding your family and other valuables.
If budget is still a concern for you, you might want to install the high-quality deadbolts on the main entry way doors and save on subpar locks for the internal doors.

Replace the lockset strike plate


One of the Most commonly ignored component of a door, the lockset strike plate plays a critical role in ensuring the resistance and strength of your door in deterring intruder attacks.
The strike plate is essentially a metallic plate attached to the door frame that serves the purpose of securing the door latch in place.
With time, the strike plate may get weathered down and begin functioning abnormally.
To fix the issue, you can either call up your neighborhood locksmith or reinforce your lockset strike plates yourself as a little DIY project for the weekend.

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Upgrading the security of your door hinges

door plate

Proper functioning of the hinges is crucial to ensuring that your door opens and closes in a secure manner without breaking away from the frame.
A compromised hinge can prove to be extremely dangerous as it can no longer hold the door in place or resist intruder attacks.
You can hire a locksmith to secure your door hinges with safety features such as setscrews, corrugated pins and safety studs so that they last longer and perform better.

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